Essentials: “Falling (Krs. Remix)” – Kes

In this remix of the Trinidad and Tobago band Kes’ “Fallin”Krs. trades off some of the original’s festive energy and positivity for a bit more variety, and in the end creates a great dance track.

The pitched vocals, vibrato-filled bass, quick snare rolls and (somewhat generic) house piano chords all accessorise Kes’ soca melodies and beats without clashing. The combination provides an enjoyably darker and distorted hint to the track. In the original most of the variation in mood and sound depends on the vocals; Krs.’s production takes a lot of that burden without noticeably stunting  Kes’ addictive pop feel. The track is a great change of pace as Spring properly heats up and will really shine in the summer. After this, I’m hoping we’ll see Krs. mix a lot more soca.

Check out Krs.’s and Kes’ SoundClouds for more of their music.

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