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PressPlay Mixes #017: JR Nelson

April’s guest mix comes from the DC based producer JR Nelson. With his contemplative sound heavy in indie and alternative influences, JR’s bringing something refreshing and raw to the Soundcloud game. Read on for our chat, and listen to the mix below.


Hey JR! We love your latest mix for us. What kind of vibe were you searching for when putting together this mix?

I like to take the opportunity with my recorded mixes to showcase some music I love listening to that doesn’t always fit a live setting. I wanted to include the work of a few contemporaries I look up to; artists like TRACE, Imad Royal, TastyTreat, and SEVNTH. If you walked in on me during soundcheck, this is what I’d be dancing around the stage to 🙂


You’re a co-founder of PR and management consulting firm Baked Goods (which has some killer Soundcloud curation, by the way). Do you find that being active in both the business and creative aspects of the industry has impacted your artistry? What have you learned from your experiences running a small business in music?

I’m glad you dig the Baked Goods Soundcloud! Having a hand in both the business and creative side of our industry has definitely given me a unique perspective on how important maintaining a balance is. You need as much creative thought and energy put into the marketing and booking strategies of an artist, as is put into the production of the track itself. Finding a team that works for every artist is different, but I’m lucky I have someone as dedicated as Jordan to do business with.

As far as impacting my sound, to an extent yes. The network we’ve built has exposed me to a lot of music and people that have helped form my sound, but in a literal sense no. When I sit down and produce, it’s just me and a keyboard. I’m not thinking about what’s marketable or popular.


How would you classify your sound? It seems to intersect a lot of genres – is it ever difficult to balance out the influences of pop, R&B, and more in your work?

I have to admit, I have a lot of varied tastes. My first foray into the music industry was spending the better part of 3 years as a club DJ in Washington DC while I went to school. I played everything from Deep House to Trap and Top 40 Hip Hop. My personal tastes have always leaned towards vocalist-heavy indie music and RnB. I think my sound incorporates parts of all of those, but doesn’t strictly fall under one category. I’ll leave that to the critics I guess!


What’s your dream festival to play, and who would be on the lineup?

Glastonbury, with Ryan Hemsworth, Mura Masa, and Ta-Ku. I’d die.



1) TRACE – Heavy Shoulders
2) BANKS – Drowning (Dave Glass Animals Remix)
3) Gallant – Skipping Stones feat Jhene Aiko
4) Imad Royal – Selfish
5) Childish Gambino – 3005 (ZFT Remix)
6) SoySauce x Lil Aaron – BOUT TIME
7) Flybear – The Wilhelm Scream (Cover)
8) Annabel Jones – IOU (Airia Remix)
9) Mura Masa – What If I Go?
10) SEVNTH – Can I (feat. Deverano)
11) Pham – Movements feat. Yung Fusion
12) Wafia – Heartburn (Felix Cartel Remix)
13) Quinn XCII – Stung (Prod. Ayokay)
14) Kali Uchis – Ridin Round feat. Tory Lanez (Oshi Remix)
15) Penthouse Penthouse & Maribelle – About You
16) TastyTreat – Simple Things feat. Choice

Keep up with JR Nelson on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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