Essentials: “Feel It Now” – Gold Dash

I had been taking a little bit of a break from blogging while sorting my way through a stupid-busy spring, when this tune hit my inbox — and I can’t pass up talking about it for just a moment.

“Feel It Now” is upbeat and sounds warm enough to bask in its glow. Rich with texture and mastered meticulously, the single from Gold Dash released earlier this month is a must-hear from the era on the other side of EDM from the Nashville duo. After initial buzz last year on the back of Jersey club-styled productions, Gold Dash went all the way back to the drawing board to craft a fuller sound, resulting in something that sounds like late 1990s big beat with a smack of chillwave rock and roll.

“In soundcloud EDM you’re surrounded by a bunch of guys that think/say they’re pushing boundaries, and maybe they’re trying to, but none of them that I’ve met are willing to waver from the norm of what their audience is expecting,” says Camden Moser, vocalist of Gold Dash, not mincing his words. “That’s really boring, because I bet a lot of them are really talented musicians who are making EDM to get a quick payout.”

Maybe it’s the post-Coachella/pre-festival season buzz that has me feeling this tune so strongly, but this sounds like something you’ll want to see recreated live in front of a few tens of thousands of people. Live performance and the hybrid of analogue & electronic is the theme that will dominate music in 2016 — and if that’s at all true, this likely won’t be the last we’ll hear from Gold Dash.

You can grab “Feel It Now” for $1 USD on Bandcamp, and follow Gold Dash on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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