Essentials: “more cheese please” – Lil Hank

I have no idea who Lil Hank is and I think that’s supposed to be the point. For fans of Next Wave Records, you might recognise him as label head Braedon Alexander‘s pooch. However, we don’t know who’s responsible for Lil Hank’s newest production, “more cheese please”. The Soundcloud account has @kanyewest as the mgmt/contact and every response to a comment is ‘woof <3’. I’d love to live in a world with an adorable DJ puppy who’s friends with numerous popular producers like Cashmere Cat, so I’ll choose to believe that. The tracks actually remind me a bit of Cashmere Cat… Is Lil Hank actually Cashmere Cat? I seriously don’t know and I’m not bright enough to figure it out. Whoever they are, they’re producing great songs with a touch of whimsy and humour.

The flute and percussion in “more cheese please” reminds me of the soundtrack from Dreamcast’s Skies of Arcadia, but with a substantial injection of swag. Add the synth sound which throws me back to 90/00’s trance and pikachu-esque interjections and I’m hooked. It’s quirky and strange while still supplying quality vibes and a great beat. Well worth taking the time to grab the free download.

The only other track posted so far, “dreaming about cheese”, is also well worth the listen:

In addition to following their Soundcloud, I’d also recommend checking out the Instagram for some serious puppy cuteness.

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