Essentials: “Crazy” – Lido

Lido dropped a new original track and video, “Crazy”, with the video directed by the Norwegian visionary himself. The former pop-star provides vocals on the soaringly longing tune, sprinkled with pops of florescent synths and earthy percussion in what could be described as electronic music’s answer to Kanye West‘s hit album The Life of Pablo (recently reimagined by Lido).

I think that an adequate description of my initial response to the “Crazy” video would be a mix of admiration, triumph, and intrigue. The song, the video, everything – it has an energy around it that feels like Lido’s running a victory lap around the whole industry. Watching this dude come up for the past three years then putting out some “Ultralight Beam” mastermind level shit is awesome. The rest of the world has no idea what’s about to hit them – if this is any indication of what to expect from him, Lido’s about to change the whole game for good.

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