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PressPlay Mixes #016: Hi Tom

Hi Tom is March’s special guest in our ongoing mix series. Before his performances in LA at the Brownies and Lemonade Jack LA party and the March 18th Rytmeklubben SXSW showcase, the Norwegian producer curated nearly a half-hour of electrifying hip-hop, dancehall, and FDM (flex dance music) tunes exclusively for us. Check out the mix, and read on for our chat with Hi Tom on what to keep an ear out for in 2016.

Hi, Tom! We’re big fans at WeArePressPlay and thrilled to have you as our guest for this month. Tell us a little about the tracks you featured in your mix!

this mix is a balancing between hiphop/rnb and dancehall

You’re a part of the Rytmeklubben crew, a group of Scandinavian producers who are diversifying sounds in the club music scene. In your music, you’re drawing from a variety of genres such as reggae, hip hop, and more, but do you feel your Norwegian roots influence your sound too? Why or why not? 

Norwegian music is generally very conservative; with a few brilliant exceptions. The house scene in Oslo has inspired me to do something different. Norwegian acts like Biosphere, Jaga Jazzist, Enslaved and Burzum has inspired me melodically. Also Supersilent is the best Norwegian band. I guess the biggest Norwegian influence is looking outward and “sideways”; not being confined to the national borders.

You’re off to play at SXSW this year – do you have any special pre-show rituals? 

splashing water on my face

Lastly, are there any genres or styles you think we should all be paying particular attention to in 2016? 

There are some exciting things happening in Norway rn; acts like MortenHD (featured 2 tracks from him in this mix), DJ Svani and Future Daughter.  Worldwide i think #FDM music is gonna b big.

Say hi to Tom on Twitter and Soundcloud, and keep up to date with WeArePressPlay on Twitter.

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