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PressPlaylist: MOONZz’s Guide To The Super Moon

In honor of tonight’s new moon, LA-based vocalist MOONZz has created our latest PressPlaylist. Read on for our interview, and check out the playlist below!

Hey! We’re so psyched to be chatting with you. So, the first of 2016’s six Super Moons is tonight – it’s a new moon in Pisces that’ll lead us into one of four solar eclipses we’ll have this year! Super Moons are often seen in astrology as a powerful “reset”, where we grow upon past knowledge and use this energy to transition into new beginnings. Is this idea of personal development reflected in your Super Moon playlist? How so?

Yes! This super moon is about to be insane! Oh, I’m happy you wanted to learn more about me and my creative process, so thanks for taking the time. The playlist I curated represents the phases we all go through: in whatever profession/home we live in.  We always have to take time to refocus and reset our intentions. To me, the symbolism behind each solar eclipse is of course the alignment of the sun, Earth and new moon, but more so, it’s a reminder to let go of any toxicity (in our headspace, life, friendships). It’s powerful to share my curated playlist on this day especially because it feels like MOONZz is exactly that- the trust in beauty, in the unknown and all that comes with taking that chance. I hope it resonates with everyone.

Not only is your music currently featured in Victoria’s Secret’s latest advertisement, but you’ve also had your new single “GDBYE” debut on Zane Lowe’s popular Beats 1 Radio Show. Your music definitely resonates with your rapidly expanding audience; when you’re writing, do you actively try to reflect ideas and sounds you think will connect with people, or do you just pour out what you’re feeling at the time? What kind of headspace do you have to be in to write? 

I used to feel like I had to sensor myself when writing, especially through ups and downs of my own relationships, and how I’m feeling about myself at a given time. Now, I write to feel, and to maybe make others feel something – sometimes those are pleasing feelings, sometimes they’re darker ones, but regardless, it forces me to embrace emotion which is always easy for me or others. For the last few months, I’ve been focusing on SOC (stream of consciousness) writing every morning for cleansing purposes (believe me, it’s intense and it works), and I’ve discovered this sacred space I never knew existed. My headspace is constantly filled to the brim with emotion – and I’ve come to terms with that –  I can write anytime, anyplace and that is magic. 

You’ve got a very ethereal and mystical quality in your image and sound, yet you seem quite grounded as well – so I think your artist name, MOONZz, is a fitting title. Is there a significance behind the name? 

I’m super close with my two older sisters and ever since I can remember, their nickname for me was “Moon”. Growing up, learning more about my interests and passions, I felt like the name MOON was a sign – of wonder and curiosity for what was up, beyond our knowledge. MOONZz is ever-present and a reminder to look up and see vast possibility in every single step we take. MOONZz signifies stages and changes and I love that my sisters influenced something so important like my artist name.

As a young artist in the age of social media, it seems like everyone is connected with their fans all the time on multiple platforms. How do you prefer to interact with your audience? Do you think that it’s important for artists to be accessible both online and off? Why or why not?

I’m always on Twitter (@moonzzmusic), Snapchat (imoonzz) and Instagram (@moonzzmusic) and feel incredibly connected to my fans. I’m starting live snaps everyday on snapchat so add me on there so we can vibe. I talk to some almost every day! I can’t yet wrap my head around the insane reach on social media platforms, but I do know that hearing from my fans is the most incredible feeling in the world. If fans wanted to physically write me letters, I would be more than happy to pen-pal it up!

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