Essentials: “Sharpness (Kaytranada Edit)” – Jamie Woon

Kaytranada is dolling out some much needed funk and jazz sounds to 2016 with this edit of Jamie Woon’s “Sharpness”. From the first note I suspected I might get thrown back into the Windows XP background by the beat of The Internet’s “Girl”; I wouldn’t have minded that since that song is amazing, but I’m pleased Kaytranada didn’t simply repeat. That would’ve been lazy and more importantly then I would’ve missed out on this track. While still obviously a Kaytranada creation he takes his classic bass funk into the less explored realm of nu jazz. Since I’m a sucker for a great horn line that would have been enough to make me love this track, but this song delivers on all fronts. The horns, the bass, BBNG’s drums, and Jamie Woon’s slightly distorted soulful vocals all interweave to create an amazingly chill tapestry of vibes.

If you don’t already follow Kaytranada’s Soundcloud, it really is worth exploring.

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