Essentials: “All My Friends (Sevnth Remix)” – Snakehips ft. Tinashe

Sevnth’s most recent remix is of Snakehips’s “All My Friends” and he’s managed to turn a track I found a disappointment into something I can enjoy. In the original, I expected something I’d really be into since I like Tinashe, Chance the Rapper, and Snakehips all individually. To be fair, the track does have some great individual parts from each artist, but the chorus separates all these parts and completely ruins the track for me. Unsurprisingly, I’m very happy Sevnth has completely removed the chorus.

Yet, Sevnth’s remix is honestly a bit basic. There’s some classic synth and vibes, but nothing about it is unexpected and makes me want to jump up. That said, he’s managed to combine two of the good parts of the original into a pleasant unity: Tinashe’s verses and Snakehips’ production. Since Tinashe frequently found herself overpowered by excessively heavy production in Aquarius, it’s great to see her vocals stand at the fore. Even though the remix isn’t that exciting, it succeeds at bringing out the potential of the original and proves to be chill listen.

Check out both Sevnth’s original and second “hidden gems” Soundcloud pages for his more recent tracks. Unfortunately, a lot of his older music from the past few years isn’t there anymore.

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