ESSENTIALS: “Modern Soul” – James Blake 

James Blake is back with a new track which premiered exclusively on his BBC Radio 1 Residency Thursday night.

While the whole world turned their attention to the circus that is Kanye West and his I-haven’t-quite-got-an-album-title-yet new project, the quiet Londoner released the subtle and moving “Modern Soul” over the radio.

Filled with the type of sustained piano chords and reverberating vocals we’ve come to expect from the “Limit To Your Love” composer, “Modern Soul” is as haunting as it is beautiful.

It’s been a quiet couple of years for Blake after his acclaimed LP Overgrown (2013) with only a handful of releases; namely his collaboration with Chance The Rapper and the Simon and Garfunkel cover, “Sound of Silence.”

His new album, entitled Radio Silence, is rumoured for release later this year. Although there’s been no official word on album details it has been revealed that both Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) and Pablo himself a.k.a Kanye will feature.

With “Modern Soul” Blake maintains his unique sound and this consistency in production aesthetic is something to be admired. The whole world is waiting for a new album but in the meantime you can check out his Residency (linked above) which is packed with exclusives and other essential tracks.

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