Essentials: “Back It Up” (DrewsThatDude Remix) – THEY.

DrewsThatDude has released his first remix of the year and it’s serious wind-fuel. THEY’s “Back It Up” already heavily features wavy synths, altered vocals and a slower beat, so I at first wondered how much DrewsThatDude would even change since that’s already his style. He mainly exaggerates what’s already there and overflows the soundscape with a luscious layering of synths and leads. He touches on the border of excessiveness, but much of his best work does, like his and Fortune’s remix of “Drunk in Love”.

After hearing DrewsThatDude’s remix, the original seems a bit plain to me personally, but if you prefer something less augmented and more stripped down, then THEY’s original is probably more your style. Plus, only the original has the sickening beat switch  light falsetto oh’s at the end.

You can check out some of DrewsThatDude’s other tracks on his Soundcloud, and listen to THEY’s full EP Religion here or purchase it on iTunes.