Essentials: “Palms” (feat. Amory) – TastyTreat

It’s an increasingly rare occurrence that someone can describe their sound as ‘future r&b’ without my disinterest following a minute or less into the song. The term is played out and means nothing and meant nothing and aren’t we all just trying to be futuristic at this point?

Enter TastyTreat, who laughs at that, produces something ridiculous on another level, and laughs again as it racks up the plays. “Palms” is exemplary of this — it fits inside a trope that many have moved on from or are turned off by, but the quality is impeccable and undeniable. Artists who understand how to utilize a full spectrum of low and high sounds layered together in harmony and sonic perfection are rare breeds that exist in every genre, typically led by a few vanguards in each sector. TastyTreat is fast on-track to be such a vanguard in future r&b, a hall pass in his back pocket to make continual hits in the genre that remain well-received long after the casuals find the next fad. Combine this with the fact that Tasty’s sound is already diverse when he commands it and the kid seems set.

Amory’s vocals are a lovely compliment to the end-product – meaningful and existing happily inside of (instead of on top of) the instrumental production. The overall arrangement hits hard while leaving momentary moments of space large enough to drive a truck through. It’s a sonic trip and a good one.

Grab the free download via the Click.DJ gate and stay up on TastyTreat on Soundcloud.