Essentials: “Honest” – Koji.

This may come off as a bit shady, but I think Abhi//Dijon is better remixed; Sángo’s remix of “Wait” already convinced me and now Koji. has transformed Abhi//Dijon’s “Honest” into a track that actually manages to capture my attention, while complimenting his delightfully gentle and sincere voice. I’ve admired Abhi//Dijon’s vocals since I first heard them, but I found the song “Honest” off-putting because the production doesn’t seem to match the vocals; the production simply beats its way to the fore without much – if any – benefit to the listener.

Here Koji. pairs Abhi//Dijon’s a cappella vocals with catchy acoustic instrumentals and a simple bass beat; the vocals share the spotlight with the production rather than being overshadowed. Even if the track could use some mastering – and I do hope Koji. invests the time – the song as a whole still shines.

You can check out both Koji.’s and Abhi//Dijon’s other tracks on their respective Soundclouds.