Essentials: “F.L.O.R” – Sángo

It’s impossible to listen to Sángo without appreciating the Brazilian influence in his music, and “F.L.O.R” is no different. In fact it might be even more apparent since Basement Jaxx already brought Airto Moreira’s “Samba de Flora” into the realm of London house music with “Samba Magic” back in 1996. The piano and percussion lines in this song are amazing, but anyone who remembers either earlier version would assume that. Sango’s production takes it to a new place where the bass slays me.

If you’d like to hear the classic, here’s Airto Moreira’s “Samba de Flora”:

If you’d prefer more of a house version, try out Basement Jaxx’s “Samba Magic”:

Sango will be touring in the UK February 18-19th on his Da Rocinha 3 tour – an album well worth more than the $1 cost – and I’m already trying to justify the train costs to London.