Essentials: “Cute Face” – Ian Ewing

This coming Saturday, Too Future has organised a showcase of Noh Life Music Group and Blvnt Records at Chicago’s Canvas called Shangri-Lah. Blvnt Records posted a small compilation of free downloads to preview the event. While all three tracks have me envious of anyone in Chicago, Ian Ewing’s “Cute Face” is by far my personal favourite.

To be honest, the sampling of Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control” made it inevitable. Yet Ian Ewing manages to fit the warped vocals and dirty beat switch into the chill soundscape without it feeling contrived or forced. I never thought I’d hear ‘rump shaking both ways make you do a double take’ in such a peaceful setting; it’s a nice surprise.

You can listen to the entire Shangri-Lah Compilation here and find out details about the showcase this weekend here.


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