EP Review: Christmas and Chill – Ariana Grande

“Arianators” were treated by a barrage of lyric tweets and song preview Instagram posts yesterday hinting new music dropping today. Ariana Grande’s Christmas & Chill EP was a pleasant surprise, but isn’t anything too new with Grande releasing annual music with Christmas Kisses and “Santa Tell Me” that past two Christmases.

If you were expecting a long EP, Christmas & Chill does have 6 songs, but average around 2 minutes each. The EP also strays away from the conventional Christmas carols or tracks heard on the radio, being a little off-kilter with most of it tracks. “Intro” sets the tone for the first half the of EP with a Hip-hop/R&B vibe shining through. “Wit It This Christmas“, “December“, and “True Love” show off Ari’s rap flow sugar-coated with harmonies and arpeggios: showing a sultry, sexy Christmas song is possible without having to sexually tempt and pressure Santa Claus for unreasonable gifts. “Winter Things” brings the feeling of summer with a ukulele-guided track paralleling other ukulele hits like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “I’m Yours“. “Not Just One Christmas” is the most traditional sounding song off the Christmas & Chill EP. With accompaniment of warm, airy strings and bells, Grande professes her love for her man that goes beyond just holiday season, making for a short, sweet Christmas love song.

Grab Christmas and Chill on iTunes now.

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