Essentials: “Go Get Her” – Mr. Carmack, Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch

Mr. Carmack, Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch gifted the internet yesterday with a collaboration overflowing in relaxing vibes. This past year, each artist has individually produced some great music: in August, Jordan Rakei released the smooth soulful Groove Curse EP; that same month, Tom Misch released Beat Tape 2, a collection of both funky and chill tracks; in October, Mr. Carmack released the hard-hitting White EP.

While the chill vibes of “Go Get Her” dominate the song, it still features a symbiotic melding of all the separate artists own styles. Staccato synth, clap and bass beats contrast the rippling legato melodies of the chimes, strings and keys without ever seeming jarringly incompatible. Instead the variety in instrumentals and note duration creates an expansive soundscape.

What does jar is the song’s abrupt end. I would have liked to see a more developed fade out to mirror the beginning. I also feel like they missed a great opportunity by not incorporating some tempered falsetto croons from Jordan Rakei. That said, rather than nitpicking I should be losing myself in this song’s flow; it’s time better spent.

Check out Mr. Carmack’s, Jordan Rakei’s and Tom Misch’s Soundclouds if you’d like to explore more of their music.