Essentials: “Soak” – Mt. Doubt

Traverse across the expansively beautiful Scottish countryside in Mt. Doubt‘s video for the moody “Soak“. Aided on vocals by Annie Booth, the Edinburgh singer/songwriter croons with a rock-tinged voice that hovers between the gravelly fragility of The National‘s Matt Berninger and the earnest depth of Fleet Foxes‘s Robin Pecknold. The visuals are stunning; directed, shot, and produced by Andrew and Jonathan Ashworth, the saturated autumnal colors and hazy, never-ending Scottish sky cut amongst the confessional rear-view mirror scenes only serve to emphasize that yearning chorus: “you soak me to the bone.”

Grab “Soak” on Mt. Doubt’s SoundCloud, and check out his Edinburgh show at Sneaky Pete‘s this Saturday, December 18th.

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