ESSENTIALS: “For A Minute” (feat. MOONZz) – TastyTreat

It’s no secret that house-influenced R&B is all the rage right now in pop music, especially when you toss in some big, flared-out synths and deep sub-bass for good measure, but TastyTreat might just know this recipe well enough to make it a 5-star-dish where others sound like McDonalds.

Teaming up with the soulful vocal talents of MOONZz — our first time hearing of her — Tasty’s “For A Minute” brings together a sampler platter of the most popular tropes in music right now, but in a way that’s got a non-perishable quality to it. People like to dog on formulaic music, but also forget that those who do the formula better than everyone else are the foremost music makers. You need look no further than Lil Wayne + Bangladesh’s influence on modern trap music with “A Milli” and Munchi’s 2+2=4 recipes for success with the forever-iconic “Sandungeo” or “Esta Noche.”

Given TastyTreat’s experience in other realms of (particularly more aggressive) bass music, “For A Minute” is even more of a sly accomplishment that shows off real versatility. There’s no shortage of formula going around in popular internet music, but those who are doing it really well are countable on one or two hands. Saving a finger or two for these two in 2016 might not be a bad idea.

Grab the track via gated download (we know, we know), and you’ll automatically follow TastyTreat and MOONZz on Twitter and Soundcloud.

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