Essentials: “Warm Body” – Cafuné

On December 11th, Brooklyn-based alt-pop duo Cafuné will be releasing their first EP Love Songs for Other People and last week they gave a teaser with the premiere of “Warm Body”. Its up-tempo beat and bright synths bubble and pop with an infectiously giddy glee that can’t help but make you smile along with the sounds of giggling children.

Sedona’s vocals and lyrics have a soft meta humour I find quite charming. She teases the listener telling you “there’s no need for voices that aren’t singing this refrain” and spins you around with the addictive repetitions of “stay this way, hit replay”. Her suggestions have certainly worked on me since I’ve had this song on loop a lot since I first heard it a few days ago. It’s light, fluffy and sweeps you up with its positive energy.

If this is any indication, the EP should be a nice little treat worth looking forward.

Check out their Soundcloud and website for more songs and information about the band.