Essentials: Tisoki and Spag Heddy – “Forest Temple”

I was having a conversation with someone this weekend about whether or not dubstep has circled back around to being “cool” again, and while I’m not entirely sure it was ever truly mainstream cool in the first place (at least not in the way it would be now), I don’t think there’s any misconstruing some of the tracks coming out in that genre right now as anything but genius.

Case in point with this new jawn from Tisoki and Spag Heddy called “Forest Temple,” that premiered over on NEST HQ. Combining Skrillex-level bassline intensity with ultra-refined production aesthetics that make sure the sonics never redline, “Forest Temple” is a rip-roaring track that will damn near tear your face off, but will never sound too mid-rangey as it does it. Spag Heddy’s been making some ultra-hard music for a while, but Edinburgh’s own Tisoki is a name name now creeping ever-further onto our radar, as he should yours.

Grab the free download for your next workout or pre-lash and get connected with Tisoki and Spag Heddy on Soundcloud.

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