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Revision Grooves: Peaceful

It’s that time of year again boys and girls, and PressPlay is here to help with a few tracks to soothe your revision-ravaged mind.

“Steady Proof” – Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge

One of my go-to study tracks because it’s upbeat but quiet, and these guys like their way around a guitar. This song draws from so many different influences, making it fascinating to listen to–and if you can tear yourself away, it makes great background music for those long library nights.

“Love is All” – The Tallest Man on Earth

Tallest Man was a high school discovery that’s endured. If you’re a fan of folk, Kristian Matsson is a must listen and this album The Wild Hunt is so beautifully evocative. If you’re looking to indulge your revision morose a tad, like we all do, give this a listen.

“Breadcrumb Trail” – Slint

Sometimes a little bit of chaos helps us feel a little more sane. It’s like sitting next to someone in the library who’s been taking Buzzfeed quizzes and watching vines of cats for the past 45 minutes. Once you get past the jealousy, the comparison might just make you feel like you’ve got your life together. Hopefully.

“Palo Alto” – Devonte Hynes

What I love most about Hynes (you may know him as Blood Orange, Test Icicles, or Lightspeed Champion) is that he’s super multi-faceted and always so much fun to listen to. I chose this track because it’s soothing, but won’t put you to sleep.

“Substance” – Girls

A soft, drifty, ethereal track to remind you that there’s an end in sight and that soon you’ll be home with your family, cuddled up with your childhood pet. Also, you have a warm bed waiting for you tonight right here in St Andrews– get cracking and you can get there sooner.

“Somebody That I Used To Know” – Elliot Smith

Let Elliot Smith’s indie folk crooning carry you through these dark couple of weeks, he’ll get you there safely and, more importantly, with your sanity intact.

“Duet for Guitars #3” – M. Ward

Upbeat, happy and if you get distracted by words, we’ve got you covered. But, if you can spare a break I recommend taking a few minutes to enjoy M. Ward’s guitar prowess.

“Southern Skies” – Yuck

Yuck always pulls me back to 90s indie rock, when things were simple, times were easy, and ‘revision’ was a foreign word. Plus this track is happy and laid back, prefect for hitting those books.

“Pulaski at Night” – Andrew Bird

This slow starting track by Andrew Bird is rich and full and even offers some homeward bound imagery, something I’m sure all of us are attracted to.

“Petrichor” – Keaton Henson

Nothing soothes like the sound of rain outside your window, especially coupled with Henson’s gentle and mellow piano melodies.

“Floating/Sinking” – Peter Broderick

The epitome of peaceful. Delicate piano, flowing violin and chirping birds to remind us all that spring will arrive in it’s own time.

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