Essentials: “Curry Drinker (Djemba Djemba Remix)” – Cola Splash

When I see Djemba Djemba pop up on my Soundcloud feed, I typically expect something darker like “That Money” or a track with unique instrumentals like the pan-flute in “Stahp”; and I always look forward to a strong bass line heavy enough to make me contemplate investing in better headphones.

Today Djemba Djemba released his remix of Cola Splash’s “Curry Drinker”, a song with the kind of fast tempo and high-pitched vocals I associate with Nightcore. I shouldn’t be that surprised since Djemba Djemba has created Nightcore tracks and used this song in live sets, like at Hard Summer this August. The remix isn’t radically different from the original, but he calms it down somewhat and I personally think he’s made it a bit better. He leads into the vocals instead of letting them blast from the start and limits their focus throughout the track. He’s replaced the drops with something that’s a bit simpler and emphasises the heavy bass line and reverberation. While it’s certainly more restrained, Djemba Djemba retains all the cutesy, high energy charm of the original:

He’s paired it with the release of his own VIP remix of his track with Kiesza “Give It to the Moment”, released this October. He’s sped up the beat and vocals and added some “corny” synth as he refers to them himself. Corny and quirky can be great (especially when it’s raining, windy, cold, and getting dark before 4 pm):

You can check out his music, tour dates and merchandise on his website, or go straight to his Soundcloud.