Essentials: “Accelerate (Andrés Remix)” – Boo Williams

Boiler Room has just released an Andrés remix of Boo Williams’Accelerate“.  The combination of Boo’s Chicago sound and Andrés’ deep Detroit influence makes for quite the collab. Andrés takes Boo’s lighthearted track and, with some simple tweaks, gives it a UK garage spin apparent by the raised tempo. Right from the start Andrés has left his footprint with a beautiful buildup into the meat of the song. The persistent hi-hats carry the song along through the some catchy melodies, beautiful vocals (2:00) and of course a delicious synth line typical of Andrés. While this work is not quite at the level of old Andrés in terms of pure sound, it provides a slightly more complex and very interesting combination of sounds.

This release comes in anticipation of the release of a new LP from Axe On Wax featuring Boo Williams and Underground producer Jordan Fields.

You can check out “Accelerate” below or the full EP here.


This absolutely naughty tune popped up in related songs afterwards as well for any house lovers out there.