Essentials: “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven” – Kid Cudi

Following the cancellation of his latest tour, Kid Cudi has appeased fans with the release of a new single “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven,” the title track from his upcoming album of the same name.

The release follows an enlightening social-media post from the artist regarding his troubled state of mind as well as his sadness regarding the recent cancellation of his tour. Cudi posted this note to his Twitter:

“I got a lot I’m dealing with at this time in my personal life … and in order for the shows to be the best experience possible as well as keeping my sanity intact, I need to regroup. I have to. I’m upset and I’m sure some of you are too. I’m sorry … and I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces and feeling your glorious love and energy at the top of next year.”

The new track boldly explores these themes of sanity and unhappiness with a degree of lyrical nuance that fans have come to expect from Cudi. It’s a song that touchingly expresses a longing for positivity despite setbacks. Given the context of Cudi’s recent struggles, the repetition of the line “I’m all smiles” is all the more tragic.

The track was produced by Cudi himself along with frequent collaborator Plain Pat. Traces of the artist’s rap days are nowhere to be seen here, as his singing voice continues to impress. This musical change of direction, which took full flow in his last album (Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon), continues to offer an intriguing new perspective on Cudi as an artist. While his experimental new musical direction has divided opinion amongst fans, “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven” is a welcome reminder that Cudi remains a relevant voice for the isolated and disconsolate; or as he would put it: “Lord of the Sad and Lonely”.

The album Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven is due to be released this month. Listen to the title track, and connect with Kid Cudi on Soundcloud.

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