Essentials: “Deal With It” – Chuck Sutton

Yesterday, Freshmoon Records released Chuck Sutton‘s EP Road Trip. As a producer who jumps between jersey, trap, and chill styles, it’s not surprising to find a a variety of influences here. The first two tracks are certainly solid – the guitar line from Usher’s “Bad Girl” is a great touch in “You Know Who You Are” – but the third track, “Deal With It,”  is my personal favourite.

Stylistically similar to Lindsay Lowend’s Wind Fish, it mixes together hip-hop, trap, and funk influence with synths and melodies reminiscent of SNES and Sega video game tracks. He adds a line of addictive chopped vocals, but prevents them from overpowering the other layers, as often occurs in the cut-up genre. Rather they cooperate with and respond to the synths, bass, and 808. As a whole the melody establishes a pace, pulls back, builds up and rushes forward; it maintains its identity, transitions smoothly, and grips the listener’s attention. At once nostalgic and experimental, it’s well worth the listen.

The entire EP is available now for any price on Bandcamp. Check out his Soundcloud for other chill tracks and remixes (most of which are free to download as well).