ESSENTIALS: “Back To You” – Omar LinX (prod. Hunter Siegel and Pro Logic)

Omar LinX is a name I haven’t been following as much in recent times, but his recent Hunter Siegel and Pro Logic-produced single, “Back To You” succeeded in actually turning my head again.

Maybe I’ve just grown into a bass music snob, but I’m generally someone who stays away from vocals in my dubstep, with a strict and only exception for grime music. Omar’s early collaborations with Zed’s Dead broke down that wall for me, but recent collabs with other producers just haven’t grabbed me like this one. “Back To You” covers a lot of sonic ground, with instrumental production that sounds forward-thinking while hearkening back to Jay Z + Linkin Park, Collision Courseera vibes that comprise elements of melodic rock vocals with a hardened rap and heavy bass core. Sure, the lyrics are a little bit corn-ball, but the overall quality is such that I’ve found this becoming instantly stuck in my head, in a way I don’t entirely dislike. Definitely somewhat of a guilty pleasure, but if you like a bit of vox on your bass music, you could do much worse.

“Back To You” is a dollar on iTunes and is out now. Get up on Omar LinX’s moves via Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.