Majestic Casual’s Official YouTube Account Terminated

One of the most prominent music channels on YouTube, Majestic Casual is yet another account to face deletion due to third-party copyright infringement claims. As stated on the German label’s YouTube page, “Majestic Casual has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.”

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Amassing millions of video views on the channel since its’ 2011 inception, Majestic Casual’s account termination is representative of the ongoing war between major labels and music hosting sites. The label posted a short video on their Facebook page in reference to the deletion, insinuating a hopeful return to YouTube.

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Despite the copyright arguments towards their YouTube channel, Majestic Casual’s Soundcloud account remains active.

Author: Staley Sharples

Editor in Chief of Saint Audio | Contributor at Audiences Everywhere