EP Review: Bend – Kid Froopy

Remember the first time you heard an artist like Flume or Skrillex and thought, “damn, this dude’s gonna be HUGE?” Kid Froopy is one of those producers. His surprise EP Bend is a three-track sampler of his hyperactively happy and nuanced style, an effortless amalgamation of genres for a sound that’s distinctively Kid Froopy. The opener, “Follow Me,” is reminiscent of Froopy’s tempo-flipping “All I See Is You,” with both tracks radiating a dreamy, romantic quality in their complex sound. Shifting gears, the jazz-tinged “Bye” is a groovy bite of bounce that alternates a lyrically aggressive hook with airy crooning. However, it’s “Runnin” that’s completely stolen my heart. From those opening 90s-pop influenced verses to the kickstart burst of synths, this is the one that makes it infinitely clear Kid Froopy’s on the brink of stardom.

Download the EP on Kid Froopy’s Soundcloud, and connect with him on Twitter.