Essentials: “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” – Santigold

After a nearly three-year silence from full-length releases, Santigold has come roaring back this week with the announcement of her third studio album, 99¢, out 22nd January on Atlantic.

The announcement comes paired with the bubblegum-shaded “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself,” which explores Santi at her most pop-friendly. It’s not to say the track reflects a change of direction or any erosion to her sound at all — quite the opposite — but it’s a decidedly more chart-facing track that seems to be positioning Santigold as a singer-songwriter who now has the chops to re-enter the popular music world seamlessly. We’re all about it.

Peep the track on Soundcloud — and check out Santi’s new website, freshly re-branded to match the art theme for 99¢Album pre-order details appear to be pending.

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