Just as Banks begins touring with The Weeknd and Travi$ Scott, the goddess graced us with “Better,” a single that give hope for more new music in the near future. The video accompanied with the release displays the siren gold-plastered and all-baring.

Goddess, a dark, electronic/R&B-heavy LP brimmed with an array of emotions, echoed the same motif throughout “Better.” The track starts off with echoing vocals seen from her before in “Waiting Game,” “Change,” and other works, but Banks stands stronger than ever vocally. The songstress exhibits a more raw and dominant voice, compelling with her voice-cracking and driving every note until her breath gives. “Better” is reminiscent of Banks’ first ever release, “Fall Over“: minimal lyrics, potent vocals, and the feeling of desperation and anguish brought out the one of her best works.