PressPlay >>Rewind 003: REACT Presents Wins The Week, Skrillex Strikes Back At Deadmau5, Lots Of New Music

Happy Monday, readers — PressPlay Rewind landing a day late after a busy Halloween weekend filled to the brim with festival and concert action pretty much everywhere. Hard DOTD sounds like it went off without a hitch, while we can verify that React Presents’ inaugural running of Freaky Deaky as a full-blown festival was one of the most impressive feats they’ve done in years — for that reason they win the week, but more on that later. Here’s the news from the last week that will matter into this week and beyond:



>>SKRILLEX’ TRIGGER FINGERS TURN TO TWITTER FINGERS, STANDS UP TO ‘SAD OLD WASHED UP ASSHOLE’ DEADMAU5: Unprovoked and uncharacteristic for the normally soft-spoken producer, Skrillex took some serious shots at Deadmau5 on Twitter over the weekend. “the fact u own ur own record label is sad.I feel sorry the artists you’ve signed … youre great at finding [talent] … but ur leadership skills are atrocious … forever grateful for the mau5’s early support but the reality is sad. He’s shriveling In his own pile of hatful [five poop emojis]good night you sad old washed up asshole. (sic)” He post scripted the whole thing with a tweet on Sunday “you can ignore bullying but at some point you have to stand up for yourself and your friends.” Deadmau5 played the usual role of deadpan asshole throughout.

While we couldn’t agree more with Sonny that bullying requires a proper response, we can’t help but feel an unprovoked twitter rant isn’t the right way to do so, even with Deadmau5’ lengthy troll-hard history. INTERESTING: Deadmau5 and Skrillex are both set to headline REACTion NYE in Chicago, albeit on separate days. — /


>>MIGOS’ OFFSET DENIED BAIL FOR THIRD TIME, FACING STACK OF SERIOUS CHARGES: Arrested with fellow Migos members Takeoff and Quavo on April 18th, Offset has been held in jail without bail on a variety of back charges, as well as being charged with inciting a riot inside the jail on May 2nd – a claim disputed by multiple witnesses. In addition to the newly added battery and riot in penal institution charges, Offset faces additional charges for marijuana possession, possession of a schedule II controlled substance, felony carrying of a firearm in school zone, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, and possession of firearm during the commission of a crime. Doesn’t look good at all for the third Migo and the continuation of the group as a trio anytime soon —

>>YOUTUBE AIMS TO WIN THE MUSIC MONETIZATION WAR WITH AMRA DEAL: The music revenues collection society has partnered with YouTube in a deal aiming to “increase transparency for rights holders, who will be able to track YouTube views in real time, and should lead to speedier and more accurate collection of payments.” In case you forgot or had it twisted, YouTube is still the largest streaming service in the world by a long shot, and such a deal is yet another reminder of what they’re doing that Soundcloud isn’t.–

>>THREE OF THE FOUR MEMBERS OF 1D PROMISE RETURN AT FINAL SHOW BEFORE EXTENDED HIATUS: The now-quartet boy band initiated an indefinite hiatus with an emotional final show on Halloween in Sheffield. The show sounds like it went just fine, but the real story seems to lie in the fact that each of the remaining members promised a return, with the exception of Harry Styles who expressed profound thanks but stopped short of committing to a One Direction return. Our bet? They’re done until there’s piles of cash involved and years pass. It was good while it lasted, I guess. —


>>ERYKAH BADU DROPS REMIX OF HOTLINE BLING, TALKS FUTURE PLANS, PROMISES MIXTAPE COMING THIS WEEK: Some of you are probably too young to care about Erykah Badu but if you’re smart you care anyway. Breaking a seemingly galvanized quiet streak, punctuated only by a quick feature on Chance’s Surf, she’s unleashed a seven-minute remix and rendition of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” teasing it as the first drop from her mixtape But You Cain’t Use My Phone. The mixtape is set to land this week and she weighed in on that, as well as what she’s feeling the current rap and pop culture landscape, and we’re honestly excited as can be. Her interview with Craig Jenkins on Noisey is an exciting catch-up:

>>THE WEIRD GENIUS OF GRIMES: Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) opens up about her creative process and the work that went into her most-recent Art Angels album to Rachel Aroesti at Guardian. “The whole purpose of Grimes is that it’s genreless. Trying to constantly put a genre label on it makes no sense and then you are always eating your words two months later. So, why bother?” —



>>RYAN HEMSWORTH AND CANBLASTER PAY TRIBUTE TO SILENT HILL: The two producers collaborated for a 24-minute mix that acts as a worthy “Halloween mix that isn’t RL Grime’s,” a “love letter to our favourite video game series and one of the greatest composers, akira yamaoka.” Recommended headphone listening —

>>RL GRIME’S HALLOWEEN MIX: Featuring drops from Hannibal Burress and Goosebumps author RL Stine. The 4th installment of the mix, it’s been up for 3 days and already holds 407k streams. “I LIKED CLOCKWORK BETTER, TELL SHLOHMO HE OWE ME FIFTY BUCKS”

>>NEW YOUNG THUG, “SLIME SEASON 2” MIXTAPE OUT NOW: Features from Lil Uzi Vert, Birdman, Rich Homie Quan, and Yak Gotti. London On The Track, Wheezy, Metro Boomin, and… Treasure Fingers??? (and more) on production. —

>>NEW LIL WAYNE TAPE, “NO CEILINGS 2” COMING ON THANKSGIVING: 26th November release. Set to feature freestyles on “Back To Back” and “Where Ya At” as well —

>>NEW HANNAH DIAMOND (PC MUSIC) VIDEO, “HI”: Speaking of weird pop music, PC Music stay pushing out ultra-sleek, maybe ironic/maybe not productions, this time with Hannah Diamond and the help of the folks at i-D. Love it or hate it, they’re influencers and the video is worth a watch —

>>NEW BIEBER AND SKRILLEX. YES, ANOTHER ONE: “I’ll Show You” is yet another emotional track in what seems to be the apparent blue period to his career, and his third production with Skrillex backing. Writer Kat Bein made a good point to me the other week – that this side of JB is perhaps begging for a stripped-down, acoustic treatment. Purpose is releasing on 13th November, opposite One Direction’s Made In The AM, making for an entertaining duel of closing-stages-of-prime-time male pop stars —

>>THE WEEKND HAS EARNED THE IRE OF LIL B, CAREER SURELY OVER: He dropped a new video for a track called “4 Tha Record,” and it’s standard Lil B fare in which he continues proving his based-ness, but repeatedly emphasizes “Fuck The Weeknd, put that on record.” Short of a Lil B curse, but I’d be nervous if I were Abel —


It’s a hard task in 2015, being a festival promotion group for electronic music events. Around every corner, there are detractors who over-simplify dance music as trumped up drug culture or patrons who will complain about anything from service fees to not having carte blanche irresponsibility powers at the events they attend. React Presents smiled in the face of that this weekend with Freaky Deaky, putting together an outdoor, three-day Halloween festival in the cold midwest, with a gargantuan lineup and not a single hitch. Objectively speaking, as good as any of their summer events, which is itself a high statement. Highlights included a punishing set from Gesaffelstein (in which he didn’t smile once), Oliver Heldens dressed as Richie Tenenbaum (in which he smiled a lot), and spotting a festival-goer dressed as “Vaping Jesus,” complete with a glowstick thorn crown. Sacrelicious. We’ll be back next year, and if you’re in the American midwest, you should be too.

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