Maxo’s Got A Double Dose Of Cool Remixes This Week

Fresh off a tour of Japan, our friend Maxo‘s remixed both FYÜTCH‘s “Worship Song” and Chloe Martini‘s “Get Enough” with his signature happy high-energy sound. After his “life changing” tour of Tokyo and Seoul, including a performance at Red Bull’s Music Academy, Maxo’s brought that inspired passion into his video-game-influenced aesthetic for these two remixes. If you’ve ever had the privilege of seeing Maxo perform, you know just how much of a talent he is, and both his “Worship Song” and “Get Enough” edits serve as further proof.

Listen to both remixes, and connect with Maxo on Soundcloud.

“Get Enough” (Maxo Remix) – Chloe Martini ft. Alyss

“Worship Song” (Maxo Remix) – FYÜTCH

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