Essentials: “First Mythz” – Rustie

Following a steady stream of free releases, Glaswegian producer Rustie‘s gifted us with “First Mythz,” the lead single off his upcoming album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE. Dolphin trills echo through a technicolor blast of incandescent synths, emitting a buoyant sound that’s reminiscent of trance and happy hardcore on “First Mythz.” The neon artwork and stadium-rattling maximalist positivity in this single creates beautiful symmetry with Rustie’s recent musings on Twitter; after a frightening incident that left him hospitalized, Rus has been posting some enlightened insights to his followers. Art seems to imitate life, and in this case, Rustie’s created an inspiring¬†reflection of where he’s at in “First Mythz.”

Keep an eye out for Rustie’s new album, and connect with him on Soundcloud.