ESSENTIALS: Focus – Ariana Grande

Pop music’s notorius doughnut-licker and “America-hater”Ariana Grande comes out strutting with “Focus,” a sassy, clap-back to those very labels given to her earlier this year. The sound of “Focus” brings familiar vibes from Ari’s last summer hit, “Problem”, and “Hands On Me” from her platinum-status album, My Everything. Bruce Dickenson can go to sleep happy at night with this cowbell-guided beat, though it could it always need more. Another highlight from “Focus” comes with an unusual sample, at least for Grande, with a James Brown-esque vocal howling the chorus. One thing I personally wanted more of was the horn sequence that was constantly teased for the premiere of the track, but overall the track is a solid first single off her upcoming album, Moonlight, due for early 2016.

Check out the platnium-blonde pop princess product-place, dance, and strut her stuff into your heart in the “Focus” music video here.