Essentials: “Innocence” (Madeaux Remix) – Super Duper ft. Remmi

Every once in a while you’ll hear a track that sounds like it could swallow you whole — not in a scary monster sort of way, but the way you feel when you’re under a bunch of warm blankets on a cold day. Maybe it’s just because it’s rainy in Chicago today, but that’s how Madeaux’s remix of “Innocence” presents itself.

The rework of the Super Duper and Remmi original is out today along with Luca Lush’s remix, but with all due respect to Luca (whose remix is tight), Madeaux smacked this one miles out of the park. Packed start-to-finish with stadium-sized vibes that don’t drown the vocals, he effortlessly creates a soundscape big enough to get lost in. The track is immediately reminiscent of Porter Robinson in a few ways, but the full comparison would ultimately be reductive of both artists — the affinity for superb and complex patterns that sound uplifting might be a trait shared by both Madeaux and Robinson, but the sound of this tune truly stands on its own.

The remix EP for “Innocence” features Madeaux and Luca Lush and is out today on Vitalic Noise, via iTunes.

h/t: NEST HQ