PressPlay >>Rewind 002: Adele Wins The Week With Comeback; Hotline Bling + Memes; New Albums Announced

Good Sunday evening, friends. Whole bunch of new albums announced and a ton of news to get to, so without further ado, here’s this week’s >>Rewind:



ADELE ANNOUNCES NEW ALBUM TO DROP THIS WEEK, SHATTERS VEVO SINGLE-DAY VIEWS RECORD, DOESN’T FLINCH IN A MAGNIFICENT COMEBACK: Adele is already this week’s winner and you know that in the first paragraph. Announcing her third album, 25, this past week during a surprise 30-second ad spot during X-Factor (UK), she’s wasted no time in taking her spot back at the top. Within 24 hours she’d released the single and first music video, “Hello,” and in the 24 hours following, Adele broke the Vevo single-day view record held by Taylor Swift. Not bad for no warning.

25 drops this week and we’ll go ahead and make a few projections now: 1) Adele will own the UK Christmas #1 in a landslide 2) 25 will be on Billboard Top 200 Albums for at least a year 3) Though 25 missed the cut for 2016 Grammys, it will still hold up for a fair number of accolades in 2017. — Read Adele’s full statement on the forthcoming album on her twitter: /  HELLO VIDEO: iTunes




DRAKE UNVEILS HOTLINE BLING VIDEO; MEMES, #BEATJACKING ACCUSATIONS AND ENDLESS MEMES ENSUE: Drake unveiled the long-anticipated video for “Hotline Bling” on Monday, smack in the middle of a Toronto Blue Jays win in the ALCS and Liberal-party landslide Canadian General Election. D.R.A.M. suggested that Drake #beatjacked his own “Cha Cha,” but was quick to emphasize “I’m GOOD.” It was a great day for Canada, and therefore, the world. Memes have since dominated the internet. Everyone’s favorite seems to be the Mario Tennis vine, but we’re fond of the pizza vine. Peep the Falcons remix and the video — // video: // the meme:

WANNA SQUIRM IN YOUR SEAT? WATCH PHARRELL AND ROBIN THICKE’S DEPOSITIONS FOR THE “BLURRED LINES” INFRINGEMENT CASE: THR received the recently unsealed videotaped depositions of Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke over whether they infringed upon Marvin Gaye in producing the controversial predatory jam “Blurred Lines.” Feelings about the song aside, these depositions are hard to watch, as you see two human beings having their passion raked over the coals. This is the ugly side of the music business, but one that you should know exists. A fascinating, if gut-wrenching, postscript to such a bizarre tale:

PEOPLE ARE REALLY FREAKING OUT OVER CARNAGE: Remember the stupid Carnage video from last week? Well some keen eyes noticed that he was using a cracked (illegal) version of popular softsynth Sylenth, notably, Lennar Digital (the makers of Sylenth) themselves — who threatened to elevate it to a legal issue. Carnage claimed plausible deniability, saying the laptop wasn’t his. Gigen Mammoser and lawyer Jesse Morris at Thump had a good legal analysis, which is the real story here because we need to stop caring about Carnage —



THUMP ASKS A BUNCH OF DJMAG TOP 100 DJS A SIMPLE QUESTION, GETS BUNCH OF SEXIST ANSWERS: Taking the already dubious DJMag Top 100 list to task, Angus Harrison posed the question “Why aren’t there more women in the Top 100 DJs poll?” to a number of the top stars, to disappointing, frankly shitty, responses. Of the producers who responded well, Borgore offered the most succinct explanation, “systematic discrimination.” Fedde Le Grand and Krewella had the right idea too, in different words; A&B, KSHMR, Blasterjaxx, Dyro, Headhunterz, and Mike Candys offered stupid/sexist answers, but Frontliner wins the ‘giant chotchbag’ award for saying “they … spent too much time in Sephora and too little time … producing.”  Fuck outta here dude. —

‘THINK OF ALL THE PRETTY WHITE BOY DJs’ – SHANE MORRIS TAKES ON EDM SEXISM: Adding his always troll-tinged voice to the ongoing exposure of mass sexism in #EDM, Shane Morris takes a quick break to rip the industry a new one. While he might be a tad (or a hell of a lot more than a tad) cynical, he’s got some of the best one-liners we’ve heard all year in this one. “So, there you have it, ladies. You’ve been disqualified from the acting business, because pompous young white men just don’t think you’re part of their club. Honestly, I’m not sure why you’d want to be part of such a fucked up social club.” Not always in agreement with Shane, but impossible not to here. He did use a picture of Jauz, a move that wasn’t received well by Jauz and blew up into a #WholeBigThing on Twitter. We’re of the opinion that the words matter more than the image here —

DJMAG WAS SUPER DOUCHEY TO KASKADE IN THE TOP 100 POLL: In some news that further removes any remaining sense of journalistic legitimacy from DJMag, the publication royally dug in on Kaskade’s image in his own artist bio for his entry on their yearly popularity contest (the Top 100). Seemingly upset over Kaskade not having interest in their openly-rigged contest, they went to town on what is one of the squeaky cleanest images in dance music. “Douche. [Kaskade] might be big business in Vegas and a regular fixture in the Top 100, but with this sort of outspoken carry-on it’s surely only a matter of time before this man’s antics relegate him to a bin marked ‘obscurity’.”  They also called the practicing Mormon and father of three a “potty-mouth,” supporting the claim with two obscenity-free quotes. —



WHY SAFE SPACES IN NIGHTLIFE ARE ESSENTIAL: Kareem Reid’s examination of London’s tenuous relationship with maintaining safe spaces for LGBTQI club and party-goers. A fascinating 7-minute read in FADER that is stuffed to the gills with anecdotal fact that is impossible to ignore when looked at on a trend level, and picks apart a locally-framed issue that absolutely exists on a global scale. “Imagine if you let spectators into a gym, how would that fuck up the dynamics?”  Reid quotes Zezi Ifore, “Are you gonna feel comfortable or safe? It’s the same thing with nightlife. Good clubs are safe spaces.”

“FUTURE’S DRUG ADDICTION IS KILLING HIM AND WE LOVE IT”: Yoh at squares up on the uncomfortable truth that too few talk about in loving Future’s dark undercurrent to his music: it comes from a real place, a harmful place, and we’re very well egging it on. “Future seems to be falling deeper into his substance abuse, it’s almost to the point where it’s an unbelievable amount of drugs being consumed … When you start to throw the words “addict” and “junkie” around, it’s a serious revelation … I can’t believe I’m writing this about … an artist with so much life that could be losing his.” —

BUSINESS- LINDSEY STERLING MADE $6 MILLION FROM PLAYING DUBSTEP WITH A VIOLIN ON YOUTUBE – And Basically You Feel Stupid For Not Thinking Of It First: She started in 2007 and is still happily unsigned by major labels, despite repeated attempts. Guess when you’re self-made on a level like Lindsey, it’s hard to feel like you’re missing out. —

OP-ED OF THE WEEK: “THE END OF MUSIC BLOGS AS WE KNOW THEM,” CONFUSION, PIGEONS AND PLANES: Don’t let the title fool you, Confusion’s piece “The End Of Music Blogs As We Know Them,” on Pigeons and Planes is one of the most cautiously optimistic industry op-eds of the year. Gazing unflinchingly at a music industry seemingly devoid of any certainty, Confusion stops short of where so many industry writers go full-bore over the cliff; he’s realistic but with an angle that keeps in mind why we’re all here anyway (hint: it’s the music, it’s always the music).

“The title of [this] post was going to be “Why You Shouldn’t Start a Music Blog in 2015,” but halfway through I realized something: fuck that. If you read all of this and still want to start a new music blog in 2015, you should do it. Who knows what the next wave will be. Whatever it is, you’ll have the upper hand, because you won’t have any old practices to unlearn.” —




POP ART DARLINGS PC MUSIC SIGN WITH COLUMBIA RECORDS: The most tongue-in-cheek pop art happening since Warhol has partnered with megalabel Columbia. “A new perfect breed of major label,PC Music described the deal in a statement, “A new, highly advanced pop weapon. We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Columbia records, a truly ancient industry legend.” These cats never take anything serious, do they? Their first official release will be Danny L Harle’s Broken Flowers, releasing 18th November with a party at XOYO in London. —


DEATH GRIPS, BOTTOMLESS PIT, DATE TBA: The announcement comes with an odd 14-minute video tribute to late 70s actress Karen Black. —

GRIMES, ART ANGEL, DUE THIS WEEK: Claire Boucher announced her fourth studio album with an Instagram post of the artwork and a vow that it’s coming this week. —


DAVID BOWIE, BLACKSTAR, 8TH JAN: 7 tracks, 45 min and purported to be his “oddest work yet.” Bowie’s 25th studio album —



Not much need to explain further.



THE PRINCESTAGRAM: It’s exactly what it sounds like: an Instagram of Prince memes and images directly from himself. Updated obsessively. #WATTBA —

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