Essentials: “Ride For My City (Feat. Penthouse Penthouse, Goodnight Cody, and Promnite)” – Great Dane

To soundtrack your (hopefully) lazy Sunday, LA-based producer Great Dane linked up with a crop of Team Supreme homies for a laid-back hip hop cut, “Ride For My City.” Assembling some of the beat team’s all stars, Penthouse Penthouse, Goodnight Cody, and Promnite lend their talents to the track, enhancing Great Dane’s recognizably nebulous instrumentals and bare-bones percussion with a touch of their respective personal styles. The chopped and screwed vocal sample (after which “Ride For My City” gets its’ title) builds the momentum in this tune, gradually floating away into a gleaming afterglow of synths. Great Dane’s latest collab is a cool addition to an already stellar Soundcloud portfolio, and a must-add to your own weekend playlist.

Connect with Great Dane, Penthouse Penthouse, Goodnight Cody, and Promnite on Soundcloud.

Author: Staley Sharples

Editor in Chief of Saint Audio | Contributor at Audiences Everywhere