EP Review: “The Passion Project” – Lido and Santell

After several teasers, we’ve finally been treated to producer Lido‘s collaboration with vocalist Santell, The Passion Project. The five-track EP harkens back to the days of pure bump n’ grind R&B from the 90s; as the kids say, this is the epitome of baby-making music. Santell’s voice is a unique kind of sexy, somehow surpassing the sleaze of the often raunchy lyrics with an unassuming, wholesome falsetto that can make tracks like “Lady’s A Hoe” seem like a turn-on. You know that one member of every boyband that’s super baby faced and sweet, but also seems like they’d be almost supernaturally good in bed? That’s the vibe Santell’s putting out on The Passion Project.

It all comes together thanks to Lido’s immaculate production skills, a heady composition of harmonies melding together into one. The Norwegian artist’s sharp, elegant, and otherworldly sound gives The Passion Project a refreshingly original take on R&B, and is an interesting exploration of Lido’s talents outside the realm of electronic music. The EP’s a great intro to both artists; I’m playing this for my friend as I write and it’s already gotten the title of “a much better sounding Usher album.”

Grab the album on iTunes and check out Lido and Santell on Soundcloud.

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