Dillon Francis and Skrillex Drop Their “Bun Up The Dance” Video

Dillon Francis and Skrillex (or as I like to affectionately refer to them, Skrillon/Dillex) made my Monday tolerable with their “Bun Up The Dance” music video, full of mysterious visuals and some pretty incredible dancing. Directed by David M. Helman, “Bun Up The Dance” pairs frenetic jump cuts with moody, contrasting colors, adding even more of a punch to the song’s already raucous energy. Oh, and the ultra-precise choreography in the video helps too. “Bun Up The Dance” closes with a fiery dance party (a clever nod to Dillon’s EP title, This Mixtape Is Fire), and marks a departure in tone from Dillon’s previous videos – this one’s a little more serious and a lot more sexy.

Check out the video, and connect with Dillon Francis and Skrillex on Soundcloud.


Author: Staley Sharples

Editor in Chief of Saint Audio | Contributor at Audiences Everywhere