PREMIERE: “Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Emes Remix)” – Soulja Boy feat. Sammie

Emes flips Soulja Boy's throwback hit into a sexy slow jam to bump through your iPhone speakers.

Ah, 2008. A time when the Blackberry was the reigning champ of cell phones, Britney Spears was the poster child for epic meltdowns, and Soulja Boy was known for churning out chart-toppers like “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.” Seven years later, LA-based producer Emes has flipped the throwback hit into a sexy slow jam to bump through your iPhone speakers.

Building off of Sammie‘s infectious topline (including that infamous SayNow number), Emes douses his remix in mellowed, atmospheric R&B percussion that cascades into a burst of futuristic synths, punctuated with intermittent disconnected number tones and ringing phones. For a self-described maker of “sex music,” Emes’ reimagining of “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” certainly fits the bill.

Download Emes’ remix and check him out on Soundcloud now.