EP Review: “Taking Flight” – Ryan Hemsworth and Lucas

Last summer, an artist named Lucas released a haunting remix of Ryan Hemsworth‘s melancholic “One For Me.” When I first heard it, I had to drop everything I was doing and listen – it literally stopped me in my tracks. Lucas had somehow found a way to make this song even more impassioned and stunningly aching in a way that was subtly dramatic – it was so simple, but so striking. Catching the attention of Hemsworth, Lucas then went on to release “Keep U Warm” through the producer’s “friends only” label, Secret Songs.

From that point on, Lucas became one of my favorite producers to be affiliated with Secret Songs, and so I’m thrilled that the pair of producers have released their collaborative EP, Taking Flight (Secret Songs). Musically, Hemsworth and Lucas share a similar sense of delicacy and longing in their music, and that auditory aesthetic permeates the tracks on this EP. Although you can certainly pick out elements of each artist’s style within the tracks, the overall collaboration sounds effortless.

Though each song is excellent, there are a few standouts, such as “Cherished.” The fifth song off the EP plays like the anthemic closing track to an 80s coming-of-age movie, creating the feeling of infinite space with its epic orchestration that ebbs and flows throughout. However, my personal favorite off Taking Flight is the stripped back “Long Time.” Layering raw instrumentals with digitized sounds, Lucas and Ryan Hemsworth build a modernized mood of poignant hope with this one.

Taking Flight is available for free download – listen now, and connect with Ryan Hemsworth and Lucas on Soundcloud.

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