Essential: “Love Will Never Do (Janet Jackson Cover)” – Bee’s Knees feat. Scavenger Hunt

The last few weeks have brought a veritable flurry of major releases, but this new blip on the radar from Bee’s Knees and Scavenger Hunt is one of the best bits we’ve heard. A sublime and warm treatment of Janet Jackson’s classic and oft-sampled “Love Will Never Do,” Bee’s Knees’ affinities for 80s pastiche and futuristic synth lines that seethe sunshine combine expertly with Scavenger Hunt’s dead-on vocals, making for a track we might be hearing on repeat when northern hemisphere festival season strikes up again.

Bee’s Knees are newer, certainly, but they’re going to be a force: based in Los Angeles with musical chops based in songwriting, they’re also represented by CAA for booking and have been making quite the scene on Soundcloud in the last six months, with each of their tracks racking stats by the tens of thousands. Reading in between the lines seems to indicate this might just be the beginning for the duo — and if they keep making stuff that sounds half this nice, we’re alright with that.

Bee’s Knees – facebook / twitter / soundcloud

Scavenger Hunt – facebook / twitter / soundcloud