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Sound of 2015: GoldLink

Hailing from Washington D.C, the mysterious 21 year old GoldLink is somewhat of an enigma.

Hailing from Washington D.C, the mysterious 21 year old GoldLink is somewhat of an enigma. A near anonymous figure, he claims that even certain members of his family are in the dark about his rapidly rising rap career that he has carved out for himself within recent months. Following the release of his debut album, ‘The God Complex’ last year, GoldLink’s style has been met with wide critical acclaim, it comes as little surprise. Take final track off of ‘The God Complex’, ‘When I Die’, a song the rapper has claimed was inspired about thoughts of sudden, unexpected death. “When I die, I hope my momma get to read that poem/ When I die, I just want my father to apologize/ When I die, I hope my ex don’t uncover my lies/ When I die, I wonder if Que gonna live through me/ Before I die, somebody tell Sango that I need that beat.” It’s this emotional rawness found in certain GoldLink tracks that sets him aside from the majority of the rap game.

Alongside all this is Goldlink’s varied range of collaborations with rising producers that make his work so inherently unique and interesting. Recently a Sango produced remix of Timbaland’s ‘Indian Flute’ and a re-work by prolific Australian producer Ta-Ku of A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Electric Relaxation’ have both allowed Goldlink to reveal his true diversity and effectiveness as a rapper. In both tracks Goldlink’s verses feel natural and unforced, not a distraction from the instrumental originals but an enriching, exciting addition.

On his recent EP, ‘Fuck The Internet’, the young rapper showcases his versatility waxing lyrical over the likes of Disclosure before switching effortlessly to spitting bars over the sounds of Missy Elliot. It even includes a burst of political focused rap in the form of, ‘What’s a Black Life Worth?’ With all this under his belt at such a young age, it’s clear that Goldlink is a talented rapper deserving of greater attention in the year to come.

Words: Charlie Jaco

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