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PressPlay Mixes #009: Mark Kincaid

Our ninth guest mix comes from Mark Kincaid, an LA based producer with a love of hip hop and house. Check out his mix, and read on for more about this multitalented artist!

Our ninth guest mix comes from Mark Kincaid, an LA based producer with a love of hip hop and house. Check out his mix, and read on for more about this multitalented artist!

Hey Mark, thanks for our latest guestmix! Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the mix?

The motivation behind my PressPlay mix was to curate the ideal late night selection of house tracks that remain true to the underground while still getting the dance floor moving during peak hours.

You’ve been djing for nearly 10 years now. Do you feel that your background as a DJ influences your production style? If yes, how so?

Yes, my productions have absolutely been affected by my evolution as a DJ. My love for sample based music, primarily hip-hop, inspired me to purchase my first set of turntables. As time passed I grew to appreciate long seamless transitions during performance. This encouraged me to get more involved with the creation of electronic and house music. 

Do you remember the moment that made you choose to pursue music as a career?

I have a very musical family and was raised on reggae, jazz, rock, and soul. I joined band in middle school, where my appreciation for the art form only increased. My desire to turn the generally passive experience of listening to my favorite songs into a more active one was the reasoning behind my inception as a DJ. Shortly thereafter I began producing music more seriously on the computer and this allowed me to incorporate original content into my sets. Both music performance and production began as a passion, and as demand grew I realized that I could pursue one of the things that I love most in this world as a career. I haven’t looked back since.

What’s the number one track that you think gets a party going?

However unconventional of a choice it may be, when it’s party time I find myself frequently playing R. Kelly – “Ignition (Remix)”. Its great vibes and danceable nature gets the entire crowd moving without fail.

Is the music scene different in Los Angeles as compared to Miami? What, if anything, do you think facilitates those differences?

Both Los Angeles and Miami are beautiful cities that have amazing music scenes and cultures that influence them. Personally my desire to be in a location where I can pursue a career in music, while simultaneously being close to the ocean and active in my first love of surfing, made my move from Miami to Los Angeles a logical natural progression.

When people hear your music, what do you hope it evokes for them?

When I select and create house music my tendency is to lean towards a deeper, darker sound. This contrasts my taste in hip-hop where I appreciate a much more soulful and uplifting vibe. Regardless of genre, I hope that when listeners hear my music it evokes emotion from deep inside and moves them in one way or another.