PressPlay Mixes #008: Seferino

We’re treating our readers to a second special guest mix this July from Seferino, the multi-talented producer who’s got two thumbs up from Ryan Hemsworth. His mix is an exploration of sounds, from disco to reggae, and as always we are so proud to present this to you! Read on for our interview, and listen to the mix on our Soundcloud.

Hey! We are so stoked about this mix! Can you tell us your creative inspiration for it?

It’s basically just a lot of songs that I’ve liked for a while. They all have great moods and represent a sort of spectrum of different tips I’m into. 

You’ve just released your “Monkey With No Tail!” EP through Secret Songs this month – what’s it like working with Ryan Hemsworth? How did you two get in touch? 

He’s really great! I was just mailing my EP to different people once I’d finished it looking for feedback and trying to figure out how to release it. I sent it to him and he said he liked it and wanted to put it out. Secret Songs and that kind of model for releasing stuff is very cool. 

What’s your motivation when you create music? How would you define your sound?I like songs to be pretty and well-made, and I just try to make pretty, well-made songs, I think…

You hail from South Africa – do you feel your surroundings inspire your music?It’s inevitable that they do. I don’t always know how it works out for me though. My brother and a lot of my friends are musicians (I play in another band, John Wizards ‒ it would be really sad if we weren’t friends) and hanging out with them and sharing music we like and values we cherish has been cool and formative for all of us, I’m sure.

Lastly – what’s your advice for other up and coming producers?I mean, I don’t really think I should be allowed to give advice at this point. But making music should be lots of fun! This is what I think. I feel quite strongly about it at the moment anyway.


Author: Staley Sharples

Editor in Chief of Saint Audio | Contributor at Audiences Everywhere