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PressPlay Mixes #007: Maxo

As one of the initial artists to release a track with Ryan Hemsworth’s Shh Secret Songs imprint, Brooklyn-based Maxo is one of those producers that’s both well-liked and undeniably talented. Earlier this year, Maxo’s EP Chordslayer was released via fellow New Yorkers’ Anamanaguchi’s label, NHX. Fans could access the EP on a specially designed interactive site, which kind of symbolizes Maxo’s relationship with his peers and listeners – he’s a friendly, fun guy, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but he’s also one of the most talented and iconic performers I’ve seen play. Incorporating live elements and some intensely focused keyboard free styling into his sets, Maxo is a force of nature when performing, and you can certainly sense that passion and attention to detail in his music.

That all being said, we are so excited about our seventh minimix from Maxo. Take a listen, and tell us what you think on Twitter. Keep up to date with Maxo on Soundcloud, and check out more of his tracks!

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