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PressPlay Mixes #005: Kid Froopy

Our friend Kid Froopy has a happy mix for you this Friday - listen now!

Our friend Kid Froopy has a happy mix for you this Friday – listen now, and take a look at our chat below!

Hey! How’s it going? To start things off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

hi staley! quite well, thank you. just made some tea. i’m a musician/producer from des moines, iowa. theres not a lot of electronic music happening here so sometimes i feel lonely :(. i go to rock band shows and pretend to have fun, and then a lot of times i actually do so thats nice :). i feel isolated not having a scene but at the same time feel like anything is possible.

Your most recent single, “All I See (Is You)” debuted on PressPlay last week. What was your inspiration behind the track?

hmm. it’s kind of like a guilty nostalgia. being with someone, and enjoying it, but not being able to shake the past. i think we’ve all had people/relationships in our lives that sort of define the way we approach future relationships/people.

How would you describe your creative process? Is there a certain time or environment you work best in?

it’s all over the place. i try to only write music when i feel inspired. i always want it to be fun rather than work. that said, its usually on headphones in my apartment two hours after i needed to go to bed.

What’s the most obscure sound you’ve ever used in a song?

i used a very #rare voicemail from my friend brooke in a song once. i think she’s somewhere in the south pacific right now? s/o brooke. also i used a lil “toot” noise in this pp mix 😉

We always like to get an artist’s perspective on creativity and careers – what advice would you give an aspiring producer working to define their sound?

that’s tough! i want some advice too. um… there’s sooo much good music on the internet. like an overwhelming amount. i think the best and most rewarding way to find a sound is to be 100% yourself. look inward rather than try to emulate. it may be difficult short term, but hopefully more rewarding long term? idek dude. maybe just trust your intuition and have fun with it. also: “don’t ever take advice, that was great advice” is a nice drake bar that i like. BYE 🙂