Saint Audio Mixes

PressPlay Mixes #004: DISCHETTO

Techno goddess Dischetto has blessed PressPlay with an exclusive guest mix – read on for more info on this talented DJ.

Hey Jade! Thanks for the mix – we LOVE it. Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

HI! I’m Jade a.k.a. Dischetto from Philadelphia, PA. In addition to DJing for the past 7.5 years, I also have played the harp, guitar, and piano for 14+ years. When I started out DJing I was mainly spinning French electro and hip-hop but for the past 4 years, I’ve shifted my focus to techno. I have a strong passion for 80’s and 90’s electronica life Kraftwerk, Front 242, Depeche Mode, and Dopplereffekt – as well as modern techno like Gesaffelstein, Djedjotronic, Siriusmo, and Strip Steve.

Do you feel that techno music has a distinctive culture when compared with other electronic genres? Is that culture more or less approachable than other genre’s communities?

Absolutely 100%. Techno has really deep roots within electronic music, so there’s a certain element of sophistication to the genre in my opinion. Something very different and distinctive than a lot of the other electronic sub-cultures out there today.

The culture of techno was born in the U.S. but thrives primarily in Europe today, so that makes it hard for Americans like me to really feel well-engrained into the culture.

Modern techno is dominating, dark, and aggressive which can shy some people away from the culture, but I think once you’re into it, it’s a very tight-knit and special community.

What’s your usual sound setup like for a gig? Have you ever had an equipment disaster while you were performing?

Although it’s a lot to carry around, I usually stick to using Traktor Scratch Pro and my S4 controller. Using these, I’m really able to make my set sound exactly how I want it to using looping techniques, various effects, and pre-set cues.

I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any major technical difficulties during a set – but one time, I was wearing a long necklace that somehow hooked itself onto the pitch control slider (controls the tempo of a track), and bumped a 100 bpm track up to 130 and ended up sounding like a chipmunk song – it was mildly traumatic.

What’s your advice to people looking to start DJing?

Listen to mixes. Listen to a ton of mixes. Think of your favorite DJs to see live and really pay close attention to their respective sounds, mixing styles and techniques. This combined with your own personal music taste will help you craft your own unique style once you get behind the turntables.

Also take risks. Take a ton of risks. Don’t be afraid to throw in your favorite Wu Tang Clan song into your techno mix; unpredictability is a great quality in a DJ.