PressPlay Mixes #003: SevnthWonder

February’s mix comes from futuristic R&B curator SevnthWonder. His ability to blend sensual beats with otherworldly synths has drawn a massive fanbase for the Massachusetts-based producer, and as a selected Soundcloud Premiere partner, he shows no signs of stopping. PressPlay had a chance to chat with “Twitter’s Friendliest Tiger” on success, career goals, and more – read on while you listen to SevnthWonder’s exclusive guest mix.

Hello! Thanks for chatting with us at PressPlay. Can you give our readers a little background on you and your music?

I started playing classical piano when I was 5 years old and switched to jazz piano after my grandmother got me into it from always playing old R&B/Jazz records at her home. I started producing hip-hop/electronic music in 2006 on FL Studio and then began my SevnthWonder project in early 2013. 

You recently just hit a major producer milestone – 4,000,000 Soundcloud plays! Congratulations! What is your next personal or professional goal that you hope to reach? 

My next professional goal is go on a US tour or perform at a major music festival. I’d also love to get some collabs done this year with some of my producer friends.

You’ve been playing a lot of big shows, including Webster Hall in New York City. What do you love the most about playing live? 

The best part about DJing to a packed out club or venue is just seeing the crowd’s reaction from the song selection I play out live. It’s also really fun to travel and get to meet up with some of the awesome people I’ve met online through my musical journey.


Author: Staley Sharples

Editor in Chief of Saint Audio | Contributor at Audiences Everywhere